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Helpful I-9 Resources for HR Managers

Veterans and novices to the Form I-9 can access a variety of online resources available at their fingertips.  Here is a list of the top 10 most popular (free) resources on the Form I-9:

1. Form I-9 Instructions.  The first place to start is by reading pages 1-6 of the Form I-9.  While it is not as thorough as other resources, it will give you a basic understanding of how to approach the Form I-9.

2. M-274: Handbook for Employers.  This is the companion handbook to the Form I-9.  Organizations who have expanded such that hiring employees are necessary will find this handbook very helpful. The handbook was last updated in March 2013 to reflect the changes to the updated Form I-9 released also in March 2013.

3. M-396: Guide to Selected U.S. Travel & Identity Docs.  Ever wondered what an “EAD” looked like?  This guide contains very useful images of sample identity documents employers will regularly encounter during the I-9 processes.  Check out our article on how the guide is used and instantly download the guide from our site.

4. I-9 Government Webinars.  Need more free assistance regarding how to complete Form I-9?  The U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) provides employers with free webinars you can attend if you have an internet connection.  Sign up in advance.  You can even ask questions during the free webinars!

5. IMAGE Best Employment Practice Tips.  The ICE Mutual Agreement Between Government and Employers (IMAGE) has yet to gain popularity amongst U.S. employers, but the practice tips ICE has releases is still nevertheless a great tool to get your organization in tip-top shape for managing I-9s.

6. I-9 FAQs released by USCIS.  This is a good place to understand where the challenges may lie with certain I-9 form filling scenarios.  However, the guidance on the FAQs can change at any given time.  The best practice approach, as many of our readers have indicated, is to print out the guidance as part of your record-keeping, in case guidance changes in the future.

7. I-9 Discrimination Webinars by OSC.  Not sure if your organization is complying with the law regarding discriminatory conduct against employees?  The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division’s Office of Special Counsel provides free webinars to employers.  It helps to outline what an employers’ duties are when it comes to the different types of employee discrimination related to the I-9 process.

8. I-9 Compliance Immigration Attorneys.  We’ve had the wonderful privilege of having some of the nation’s top immigration attorneys write articles on our blog.  It doesn’t stop there!  Did you know many of our attorneys have their own employment and immigration blogs offering a wealth of information?  Check them out!

9. ICE I-9 Fine Matrix.  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) provides a matrix containing the potential fine amounts organizations may receive for incomplete and improperly completed I-9 Forms.

10. I-9 Central.  This is the government’s official website on all things related to the Form I-9. You can find enough basic information to get started on managing the Form I-9 process at your organization.

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