Putting Your Clients First

The Edge Foreign National Portal provides your clients with an experience that will empower them.

The faster the information flow, the quicker the case processing. LawLogix has designed the new Foreign National Portal with this in mind. The new design was built around efficiency and provides key benefits for your Foreign Nationals.

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Get Information Faster – The new Foreign National portal makes it easy for your clients to quickly and securely upload necessary documents.

Empower the Foreign National – The new Foreign National interface allows FNs to navigate their process more independently, reducing the number of emails and phone calls to your organization.

Gain More Business – With faster information flow and an easier interface, your organization can process more cases than ever before.

Case Status Page – The newly designed status page allows your FNs to easily track the most important aspects of their case.

Guided Workflow (My Tasks) – Reduce client apprehension with a simple, guided workflow that presents items in an easy-to-follow task list.

Mobile Friendly – Now Foreign Nationals can take advantage of the new portal right from their mobile phone or tablet.

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