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Find a Better Way to Manage Employment Visas

Find a Better Way to Manage Employment Visas

Say goodbye to static spreadsheets, unanswered emails, slow lag times and being left in the dark when it comes to the status of your employee candidate visas.  Find a better way to manage your employment visas and benefit from personalized immigration processing, timely case status updates and more.  

Give your department the credibility it deserves:

  • Instantly view case status, expiration dates, next steps and more
  • Discover interactive reports such as: Manager Report, PERM activities, FN Summary
  • Get visibility into all communication to/from employee candidates and the law firm
  • Access your own dedicated portal when you need it, where you need it

Companies like 3MCargill, and JP Morgan rely on the power of LawLogix Edge to get the visibility they need while managing their employment visas.

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