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Feeling Abandoned by Your Immigration Software Vendor? EDGE to the Rescue!

In the world of immigration legal software, staying on the cutting edge and ahead of the curve is not easy. Sometimes, sticking to your core business makes more sense in a tough economy, which means making tough decisions to ultimately discontinue certain services. LexisNexis’ recent August 10th announcement to discontinue its Immigration Law Interactive Drafting System (IDS) is a prime example of the trials and tribulations software companies must make in supporting various product lines. IDS clients need not fret though. LawLogix has long offered immigration practitioners special pricing for upgrading to the EDGE Immigration Case Management System from any other immigration software in the marketplace. Experience the real benefits of a truly dynamic immigration software, a tracker of all things immigration-related to your legal practice:

• Automating data collection

• Forms processing and e-filing

• Secure client communication

• Easy reporting functionality

• Expert design by staff immigration attorneys

• Web-based for over a decade

• Intelligent case workflows including reminders, checklists, templates and questionnaires

• The only vendor with an exclusive partnership with CLINIC

• Client portal accessibility

• And much more….

In the field of immigration law, we don’t just offer a software service; we strive to become long term partners with our users. Our Case Management Guru Blog is visited regularly for news-breaking updates on immigration developments, like the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) process recently announced by USCIS as a service to our users and readers. We also regularly provide immigration practice webinars to practitioners as part of our dedication to providing cutting edge, industry tips to our users. You won’t find any other vendor in this space as dedicated to helping our client practitioners succeed as we are. Don’t take my word for it.  Read some of our past blog articles and send us your feedback. We invite you to view a demo of our case managment system today and make an educated comparison.