EDGE Roadshow – Dallas, Texas Agenda

Time Session  
9:00am Introduction
  • What is your biggest challenge?
9:30am Intake setup
  • How to manage the crowds – large and small
10:15am Consultations
  • Cost and Benefits
10:30PM Break  
10:40am Capacity planning
  • How to plan for: Staff vacation/time off
  • Changes in the law
11:30am Working Lunch Discussion
  • Using an online portal for clients
  • DACA acceptance of FN portal
12:30pm LawLogix Billing
  • Case fees and collections
1:30pm Case Management
  • Case notes
  • Reminders
  • Activities
2:30pm Reports
Tracking and Reporting for:

  • Internal use
  • Funders
  • Parent organizations
3:30pm Adjourn