E-Verify to Conduct US Passport Photo Matching Webinars

USCIS announced today (through the E-Verify user portal) that it will be holding two one-hour webinars on the US Passport photo matching process, which will begin on September 26, 2010 (see our prior alert here). As previously reported, this E-Verify upgrade will require participating employers and E-Verify employer agents (formerly known as “designated agents”) to compare the employee’s photo from a US passport presented during the I-9 process with the government’s digitally stored photo online (if available). Under the current process, photo matching is only “activated” when your employee presents a green card (I-551) or an employment authorization document (I-766). Needless to say, the inclusion of US passport information will greatly expand the use of the photo matching process and provide a good test of its effectiveness. The two webinars are currently scheduled as follows: