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Rhode Island

Rhode Island

Effective Date

January 5, 2011

Employers Impacted

Effective January 5, 2011, public employers and contractors are no longer required to use E-Verify.

Act 096-0623

Illinois Employers are not anymore prohibited from enrolling in the E-Verify Program, they can voluntarily use it.

The Right to Privacy in the Workplace Act 096-0623 nevertheless stipulates that prior to choosing to voluntarily enroll in the E-Verify Program, employers are urged to consult the Illinois Department of Labor’s website for current information regarding the accuracy of the program. Additionally, employers are encouraged to review and understand their legal responsibilities relating to the use of the E-Verify Program.

Public Act 096-0623 also requires an employer using the E-Verify Program to attest on this form.

Effective Date

Nullified by Subsequent Executive Order

Executive Order 08-01 required the State’s executive branch and all persons and businesses, including grantees, contractors, subcontractors and vendors doing business with the state of Rhode Island to register and use E-Verify.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

Ineligibility to enter into a state contract(s).