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DHS Provides Updated I-9 and E-Verify Statistics July 19, 2012

A couple of times a year, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security will provide a written statement outlining the Department’s achievements and goals.  Last week, Madam Secretary testified before members of the House Judiciary Committee and provided important updates to the immigration policies in this country in the last 9 months since her last testimony. Visit our sister blog, Case Management Guru to read a summary of the three-hour testimonial hearing. Madam Secretary’s testimony (both in writing and oral testimony) supports what we’ve long been writing; that DHS will only continue its worksite enforcement efforts by shifting focus from worksite raids to inspection of employer I-9 (and E-Verify) compliance instead. Types of worksite enforcement methods now heavily employed:

Audit Results Since January 2009

  • 8,079 Audits of Employers Who Knowingly Hired Unauthorized Workers
  • Debarred 726 Companies
  • More than $87.9 million in financial sanctions

E-Verify Updates Since January 2009

  • Over 385,000 Companies Enrolled
  • More than 1.1 Million Hiring Sites Represented
  • FY2011, Over 10 Million Reached in Education Efforts
  • FY2011, More than 17 Million E-Verify Queries Processed

Not surprised?  Neither were we.   So, do you think your organization is I-9 and E-Verify compliant? Subscribe to our blog to get more updates!

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