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Developing a Competitive Advantage

To operate a successful immigration practice, practitioners must maintain a competitive advantage in order to retain and attract new clients.The most common ways to distinguish your practice include developing subject matter expertise, pricing, and efficient use of technology.


Expertise is gained through trial and error or from experienced colleagues over a period of time. It can not be substituted. How you derive experience and knowledge depends on how much time and energy you have to network, ask questions, and stay up-to-date on developments in the practice area.

For example, prosecutorial discretion as applied in the immigration context is an important component for strategizing client cases. Will clients qualify and benefit from prosecutorial discretion? How has it been applied in the jurisdiction where you client currently resides or work?Another example is Arizona vs. United States (SB1070), Which the US Supreme Court recently Heard Oral arguments Last week (Read the transcripts here ). To what extent will this June’s ruling affect your immigration practice, if at all? How should you advise corporate clients? How should you advise foreign nationals?

There are numerous internet sources from which to learn and stay updated. Your colleagues are also a great source from which to benchmark and develop best practices. Continuing legal education (CLE), which LawLogix also provides from time to time, is also another way to keep updated on industry developments. Developing your expertise, and helping individuals at your practice to become experts, will definitely give your organization a competitive advantage.


Once you develop an appreciable level of expertise, make sure your pricing is appropriately paired.One way to ensure you (and your staff) are being paid a fair market value requires that you know exactly how many “billable” hours go into any given case. If you are using A robust Case Management solution , then you’ll be Able to Easily track this Data for Both yourself and Any staff members. Knowing how much a case costs your organization on the expenses side will give you a better picture of how much revenue you will earn from any given case.

Another way price can serve as a competitive advantage is when attorneys charge when necessary. For example, attorneys seeking to increase efficiency and reduce “no-shows” for initial consultations can switch from a “free consultation” pricing model to charging a nominal fee for a consultation. While this may reduce the overall number of prospective clients, the quality of clients you will retain are better prepared and more willing to proceed with a case. Because clients actually “show up” to appointments, you can focus on moving forward with developing that client relationship. In practice, this strategy has proven true for both for-profit and non-profit immigration practices.


Any CAN Practice boast the use of A High-tech Case Management solution But A Practice That CAN boast efficient use of A High-tech Case Management solution is an Entirely Different Story.When your staff uses technology efficiently, it allows them increase productivity, complete cases easily and streamline their workflows. It allows you to track success, troubleshoot problem areas and report return on investment. Which category best describes your organization?

If your Organization is still using Multiple software to manage your immigration caseload, you May want to Consolidate All of Those functions into One system . Now is as good of a time as ever and this is one area where you can definitely have a competitive advantage.