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Dan Siciliano, LawLogix Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, to Speak at LegalTech New York Conference

PHOENIX, Ariz. – February 5, 2015 – LawLogix Group, Inc., a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider to immigration attorneys and human resource professionals, announced today that Dan Siciliano, a Professor at Stanford Law School and LawLogix Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, will serve as a panelist at LegalTech New York 2015 on February 5. The panel, entitled “Towards the Technology-Driven Future of the Law,” draws upon Dan’s expertise in law, technology and entrepreneurship.

“Technology is changing the way legal professionals do their daily work,” said Dan Siciliano, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at LawLogix.  “LawLogix’ software products are at the forefront of this change, driving new efficiencies and helping organizations achieve compliance goals.”

“The best lawyers that combine their expertise with best of class technology will experience what we now call ‘winner takes all’ advantages in the coming five to ten years.  The competitive advantages they garner from the deep use of system and process automation will make their clients more satisfied and their practices radically more efficient.  The preliminary evidence from early adopters of sophisticated case management suggests that those firms that join that bandwagon early will move far enough ahead of the pack that they will gain market share in a way that likely puts less sophisticated practitioners out of business — hence the phrase ‘winner takes all’,” said Dan Siciliano, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at LawLogix.

Executives at LawLogix are frequent panelists and speakers at industry events, including technology, legal and human resource industry events.  To see where LawLogix Executives will be speaking this year, please visit the LawLogix industry events page on the LawLogix website at https://www.lawlogix.com/join-lawlogix-industry-events.


About LawLogix

Founded in 2000, LawLogix is the leader in Electronic I-9, E-Verify and immigration case management software.  LawLogix’ three flagship SaaS products, Guardian, EDGE and Globetrotter, automate the labor and paper-intensive I-9 and visa application processes for more than 160,000 organizations worldwide.  Chosen by Fortune 500 corporations such as 3M, Pfizer, Aon Corp, Cargill, US Airways, Highmark, Cox and McKesson, LawLogix’ products help companies achieve I-9 and E-Verify compliance and help law firms and non-profits improve their immigration case management processes. For more information, visit https://www.lawlogix.com.


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