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Immigration Case Management For Enterprise Companies

LawLogix’s enterprise case management solution is cloud-based software that allows companies to manage their caseload, increase efficiency and provide superior service to their clients.

Why choose GlobeTrotter?
  • Provide superior customer service to your clients with easy-to-use online intake questionnaires in 10 different languages
  • Decrease costs and increase efficiency with document checklists and forms to support over 50 unique processes
  • Reduce errors and redundant data entry with integrated and up-to-date forms that are automatically and accurately populated
  • Increase revenue with customizable reports to spot new opportunities
  • Manage scheduling and organization with reminders and alerts to help you track important case filing dates
  • Get the training and support you need with our award winning sales and support staff trained in immigration.
Speak with one of our Immigration Professionals to see how LawLogix can help your organization increase efficiency and provide superior service to your clients.
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