Edge Power User Virtual Workshop 2022
Who’s ready for a workshop!

Here at LawLogix we understand the need for your Edge users to work as efficiently and effectively as possible which is why we host this annual training workshop to not only refresh you on all the things the Edge system can do for you but also provide advanced training for seasoned users. 

The training is being offered over a 5 day period and every session will be recorded and available on-demand to everyone registered for the workshop. 

What’s Included:
Free Virtual Power User Certification Workshop
On-Demand Access to All Recorded Sessions
Discounted Monthly User Fees For Certified Power Users
Will Grant Professional and Master Certification Levels (Professional will receive Master)
Live Training From LawLogix’s Master Trainers Available to Answer Your Most Difficult Questions

Agenda and Registration

Wednesday June 1st 12 - 1:30pm ET:
Getting Started

For new users or those looking for a refresher on the basics, this session will cover the essentials such as system navigation, searching, case creation, and Dashboard configuration.

Note: this session covers the basics and is optional for certification

Thursday June 2nd 12 - 1:30pm ET:
Questionnaires & Document Collection

Collect client information needed for forms using our electronic Questionnaires, and received documents securely from your clients with our easy-to-use FN portal.

Friday June 3rd 12 - 1:30pm ET:
Form Preparation

Leverage the relational database of Edge to automatically populate your forms, and securely send forms to clients using the FN Portal. Learn trips and tricks to avoid common mistakes when drafting forms, and ensure your forms are done right the first time.

Monday June 6th 12 - 1:30pm ET:
Office Integrators & Document Templates

Log important client emails in Edge using our Microsoft Outlook add-on, easily draft supporting letters using our Microsoft Word add-on, and

Tuesday June 7th 12 - 1:30pm ET:
System Administration & Customization (Part 1)

Learn how to manage system users, organizational information and settings, and make the system your own by creating custom Process Types, Activities, Required Documents, Questionnaires, and more.

Wednesday June 1st 3 - 4:30pm ET:
Consultations and Client Intake

Implement effective client intake using our Consultation and data collection tools, and explore our optional Mobile Intake solution.

Thursday June 2nd 3 - 4:30pm ET:
Case Management Tools

Keep track of your cases by logging important events using Activities, inputting Receipts, adding Case Notes, and creating Reminders for important deadlines or status expirations.

Friday June 3rd 3 - 4:30pm ET:
Visa Priority Tracking & Dependent Management

Take advantage of the integration with the Visa Bulletin by having Edge keep track your client's Visa Priority date for your, and learn how to properly set up and manage cases for dependents.

Monday June 6th 3 - 4:30pm ET:
Case Status & Expiration Reports

Gain key insights in to case status, and monitor client status and expirations, using the powerful Reporting module. Create custom reports from a vast selection of columns and filters, and quickly generate new report templates using the Duplicate feature.

Tuesday June 7th 3 - 4:30pm ET:
System Administration & Customization (Part 2)

Learn how to manage system users, organizational information and settings, and make the system your own by creating custom Process Types, Activities, Required Documents, Questionnaires, and more.

Certification Exam

Once you have attended all workshop training sessions you are eligible to take the final Certification Exam.  A link to the final Certification Exam will be provided to all registrants after the final session is complete.

The Exam is FREE for all CLINIC affiliates.


Please feel free to reach out with any question or concerns regarding this workshop to [email protected]

Not yet signed up with the Edge system?

If you are not currently a LawLogix customer but would like to meet with a sales representative to learn more, please schedule an appointment here.

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