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Immigration Case Management for Non-Profit Organizations

Serve more clients, more efficiently

That’s just one reason why non-profit organizations and community-based organizations use Edge immigration case management.

Whether it is immigration reform or new DHS policy directives, the practice of immigration law is ever changing, affecting your volume of new clients. Non-profit organizations that have adopted Edge have experienced smoother and faster client intake processes, particularly at off-site community events where mobile access to Edge was an added plus.
Edge immigration case management can help you:

  • Streamline your intake process to serve more clients in less time
  • Boost grant support by driving down operating costs through more efficient case management
  • Secure data retention, and monitoring capabilities to preserve data integrity
  • Grantors are more likely to grant funds to organizations that use case management systems

LawLogix maintains a strict company policy NOT to sell our product to any person or organization engaging in the unauthorized practice of the law (UPL). Unscrupulous “Notarios” or “Immigration Consultants” have become an increasingly serious problem in immigrant communities throughout the United States. Often, victims permanently lose opportunities to pursue immigration relief because a Notario has damaged their case.
LawLogix does not sell to those engaged in the unauthorized practice of law.
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