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Tapia-Ruano & Gunn P.C. Gets Edge

“I depend on Edge immigration case management software in order to practice law the way I do. It helps me minimize the amount of time I spend recording data and record keeping so that I can spend my time gathering information and producing results for my clients. ”

–Carlina Tapia-Ruano Attorney & Founder at Tapia-Ruano & Gunn P.C.

The Challenge

Based in Chicago, IL, Tapia-Ruano & Gunn P.C. provides its clients with sound counsel and effective representation in almost every aspect of immigration law. Under the leadership of Ms. Carlina Tapia-Ruano, the law practice was thriving, and Carlina knew it was ready to grow. But with five full-time lawyers now on board, how could she maintain the personalized service her clients expect? She searched for a solution to help maintain her high standards while empowering the team to work directly with clients. That meant reviewing their work in real-time while having instant access to the latest case information at any time.

The Solution

Edge provided the ultimate solution. This industry-leading immigration case management system made it easy for Tapia-Ruano’s team to create electronic case files for each of her clients and host them securely online. With Edge, she just scans, uploads and stores documents in each client’s electronic file where appropriate staff can access it. Then Tapia-Ruano simply logs in to oversee communications before they go to clients. This way, she maintains accuracy and privacy on every interaction with every client, no matter how many lawyers are on the case.

The Benefits

With Edge, Carlina immediately noticed that her time per case went down as the quality of the work went up. Revenues increased too as the firm served more clients efficiently. For her clients, Edge provides secure access to their life-changing legal process from anywhere in the world. Online access allows clients to view electronic case files, communicate with their attorney, get case status information, track key deadlines and securely transmit confidential information.
  • Anywhere access for clients and staff
  • Real-time updates for the latest case information without delays
  • Macro-visibility to oversee all client touch points without interrupting workflow
  • Accountability for staff – clarity on time, date and individuals who access case files