Case Study: Sykes Enterprises

Sykes Enterprises’ Andrea Kiehl, VP Global HR Compliance & Employment Counsel sits down to discuss the support and successes Sykes has been experiencing since partnering with LawLogix. The use of the Guardian platform has been key in the “HR Transformation ” initiative Sykes has been undertaking and ensuring I-9 compliance in a risk averse industry.

Video Transcription

Sykes is a BPO company, so primarily that means we run call centers for various different customers.  We’re in 22 countries and we have about 10,000 employees in the U.S. alone. 

I’m Andrea Kiehl, and I’m the vice president of Global HR Compliance, and I am also on employment counsel – in that role I am responsible for ensuring that anything that is employee touching, employee facing, meets compliance, and laws and regulations of state and local, and country specific regulations. 

Our most important criteria is compliance, we are a very risk averse company I would say, and we recognize the importance around I-9 compliance and how often audits can happen. So when looking at the system, it was really important to go through all those regulations through ICE [US Immigration & Customs Enforcement] as to what’s required for audit trails and signatures, and Guardian has all of that and can guarantee that it’s compliant, so that was really important to us. 

I think the Guardian system is really easy to use, the dashboards make everything user friendly. We just like the simplicity of the system. The other piece that’s probably even more important is the customer service that we receive from Guardian, we just have a fantastic experience. 

We can do our audits so easily. In my department, we are really focused on that. We’re focused on training our HR professionals how to do the I-9’s appropriately in the first place, so if we can easily access the system to do those audits, we can then provide feedback to our HR professionals about what they’re doing correctly, what they’re doing incorrectly. Having those dashboards is a big help in that respect, and we get a lot of feedback from our HR professionals that they are very thankful for the time that it saves them in completing I-9’s. It seems like a small form, but it takes a lot of time for them to go through it and fill it out, especially if we have a large class that we’re onboarding. So that tool just makes it really efficient and in some respects it becomes kind of fool proof, because I’ve worked on paper I-9’s in the past and it’s really easy to not complete certain pieces of the I-9, which becomes very problematic. And with this solution, not allowing you to miss certain things throughout the process, that is a success.

 So our company is going through some digital transformation, and we’re also going through what we’re calling HR transformation, and that we’re looking at placing more of these types of work features in a shared services department, which we don’t currently have. And so there will be some changes in that area. We’ve looked at the remote worker feature – 50% of our workforce is remote, and those I-9’s are always a challenge for us. For our company, it is important that we get, we have to fill classes for our customers, so it’s important that we are able to do that in a timely fashion, and that can be a huge challenge with those work from home employees. 

I don’t know the exact number, but I would say that we have 10,000 U.S. employees, and we have probably a 150% turnover rate. I think just in general it becomes more second nature for our teams and our HR professionals to be able to onboard employees, it could be a real struggle for them and as new HR professionals come in, I think it just becomes a seamless process for them.

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