Case Study: Klasko Law Firm

Marcy Papa, Senior Immigration Paralegal with Klasko Immigration Law Partners sits down with LawLogix to discuss the seamless processes and workflows Edge provides so they can service any immigration matter or client.

Video Transcription

My name is Marcy Papa, I work at Klasko immigration Law Partners, LP. We are an immigration boutique firm based in Philadelphia. We represent multiple clients, ranging from employment phase to EB5, and they have some individual clients as well and smaller clients. I am a senior paralegal – so I do a lot more project based work and reporting, more so than case prep. 

Many of our clients range from big pharma to technical firms, and rehab, and healthcare, education, etc. So those are more in our corporate realm. For the universities that we do represent, it’s not usually the student visa, it’s when you get to the green card side of things, so we do a lot of that. We also have a robust EB5 division of the firm. All of the clients we use LawLogix for, as a way to manage the multitude of clients. So across the types of clients we have, we are using LawLogix to track all of them in order to have the reminders and have all their set up. So in all those cases we are using one software for all of it, including the types of clients you might not think would use LawLogix for, as for tracking consistency. We also are building our individual client wing, so we are doing a lot of different things right now.

LawLogix is one of those things where you have to use it in order to use it, if that makes sense, because if you’re not entering the data as it allows you to, then you can’t fully use the software. So it’s beautiful when the firm really buys in, which we have, and puts all the information into that system and then we run the reports, and we get the report on what we did, and how we helped, and our successes, and our challenges, and how we overcame the challenges, or when we couldn’t overcome the challenges, we can report on all of that. 

For us, the biggest thing on our horizon is the current climate; the immigration client is changing so much and so fast, and sometimes filing centers are changed without notice, forms are changing without notice, there’s this looming discussion about whether or not the H1B cap will look the same this year. So there’s so many things coming, so it’s helpful when you’re partnering with LawLogix who is also tracking the industry. The one thing I learned about LawLogix when I was a client looking at I-9 vendors was that [LawLogix has]  immigration lawyers in house and [LawLogix is] also growing – [LawLogix] is a subject matter expert, [the company is] also tracking the industry, so [LawLogix] feels like a partner to us. [LawLogix is] tracking in a way such as, “oh a new form is coming out and were going to upload that new form to all our software by the deadline, and if we learn of the tweak we are going to tell you about it”. 

For our firm specifically, we use LawLogix for firm planning because we can see the type of client that is reaching out to us by doing the reports and by seeing the hours needed to serve that report on the different levels of staff.

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