Case Study: Kellogg Company

Chelsea Barnes, Fulfillment Associate with Kellogg Company explains the specific features that Guardian provides to eliminate I-9 errors and the key benefits of partnering with LawLogix.

Video Transcription

I’m Chelsie Barnes, I work for the Kellogg Company which is a multinational food manufacturing company based out of Battle Creek Michigan. I work in Grand Rapids, so that’s the global business service center. I work on the fulfillment team, it’s kind of a vague term, but basically I’m the I-9 specialist. I process I-9’s for the company, but I’m mostly in charge of overseeing that the I-9’s are compliant and done. I’m also in charge of the immigration process for the company, I’m in charge of the overpayment process, unemployment process, and interview expense process, so I handle a lot of things, but my main job is the I-9 compliance. 

The reason that Kellogg decided to work with LawLogix Guardian is we have locations all over the United States, so when we were doing the paper I-9s, we had I-9s in all the different states, and we didn’t have one centralized location. So having Guardian was a great option to have all of our I-9s based in one centralized location, and having one person to oversee and ensure they are all compliant. What drew us to Guardian is the reporting tool and all of the tracking that is available with Guardian and making sure – double checking and triple checking – that everything is compliant. 

The biggest pain points with the prior process before Guardian was just paper I-9s. Not having them in a centralized location, not being able to have someone audit them from one location, and then also just a lot of the time [the I-9 is] hard to read, someone just wants to get the I-9 done, so they’re just scribbling and then you go back and look at it and you’re like “who is that person” so you’re not sure who that person is.  Also a lot of the paper I-9’s, that employee no longer works for the company, so then we are trying to track down who is in charge of that employee and it was just kind of a big pain for us. So having that electronic system has been really great for our company. 

So it was important for Kellogg to have that historical I-9 data in Guardian, because in case of an audit or if I was doing my own internal audit I have all those old I-9s and I am able to go back and look at them, and ensure that they are compliant, and if they’re not I am able to either make corrections, you could even make corrections on the paper form electronically through Guardian, which I just found that out doing an audit. So that is really great and it is saving me a lot of time having to reach out to employees and managers. 

I call [LawLogix] and they instantly helped me, they are really quick to respond to emails as well. So I think even last week I had some questions about creating new locations within Guardian and I had reached out to the support team, and he got back to me and was like “oh you need to give us a call”, so then I gave him a call and he walked me through the entire thing, and I was able to create the locations and also get their E-Verify enabled. It’s been really great working with them. 

So I think the long term impacts of using Guardian is again just the preparation for any kind of audit. Just, in the future, you know, if I’m not the one doing I-9’s anymore at least we have them all in that one location. And Guardian walks you through the entire process, so you’re not missing anything, they don’t let you.

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