Case Study: Catholic Charities of Southwest Ohio Immigration Services

Brett Hamm, Immigration Paralegal with Catholic Charities of Southwest Ohio, provides insight into how the non-profit organization stays up to date with the ever changing scope of Immigration industry with Edge Immigration Case Management Software, while maintaining valuable visibility into the productivity of the organization through customizable reporting.

Video Transcription

My name is Brett Hamm, I work in the immigration legal services department. 

We serve refugees and they come from all over the world. We see a lot of refugees from the Middle East, Africa, Asia; we do have a huge Bhutanese or Nepali population specifically in Cincinnati. We do have some Central Americans there as well, Guatemalans, El Salvadorians, Hondurans so we see a diverse set of migrants.

When I first came on we did not have an intake specialist, so I was doing that in addition to being a paralegal, so I was doing the first contact with all the clients snd now I am also working on becoming partially accredited with the DOJ (Department of Justice). 

So from the very beginning, we’ve had to use multiple programs to track the entire workflow of the client’s case file. The intake is one form, so we use an excel sheet or something for that and that’s not very functional; you definitely can’t run a report on it. Now with Edge, especially with the partnership that Edge has with CLINIC, we definitely utilize the consultation functionality a lot more, and I think that starts you off on a predefined workflow path, which helps bring a sense of stability for the clients and also for the advocates who are working on the cases.

The immigration process is overwhelming; I’ve only been doing this for a year and half, and I feel like it has constantly changing rules and regulations and Edge and LawLogix have done a great job of keeping us up to date. They always put notices in our newsfeed such as “ this new form is coming up to date”, so that is something that is really beneficial to us so that we can also relay that information to our clients to make sure they are up to date on what’s new and what they need to be on the lookout for. You have the flexibility to add various activities to help tracking on that workflow; I think that gives us an overall view of all the cases, how it’s progressing and also can give us a timeline of how long the cases are taking.

So I think that is one functionality that we really appreciate and we want to leverage a little bit more on moving forward.  We also use reporting, which gives us an overall view of the totality of the clients that we are serving, and we can also actually leverage activities in our report too so you can a very succinct report of all the active cases you have, and can also see what the last thing that was done on a case. So again reporting and activities, merging those two functionalities in their own regard is great. In using them together, you can really get an overview of what’s going on in the firm in all the cases at once, so that’s helpful.

Also if you need demographics, you can add demographics to reporting, that helps sometimes with funding. Specific grants may require a specific type of demographic for them to secure funding. I really enjoy all of those functionalities rolled into one to promote what we do and to keep us accountable, but also efficient. 

When you have all that support, and all that functionality, and there are no flaws or glitches in it, it allows you to focus on working on the immigration aspect of it. So if we can take that away from our worries we can really focus on the circumstances that are specific to our clients immigration benefit applications, and that would be super helpful for our clients and us as well.

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