Case Study: Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Raleigh

Reliable and real-time reporting capabilities are key to a non-profit organization offering immigration services to the local community. Conseulo Kwee, Director of Immigration Services with Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Raleigh details the ways in which LawLogix Edge Immigration Case Management Solution ensures that their organization can serve more of their community, more efficiently.

Video Transcription

My name is Consuelo Kwee, I work for Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Raleigh in North Carolina. Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Raleigh serves 54 different counties of North Carolina, so we actually serve half of North Carolina. We focus mainly on disaster assistance, emergency assistance, family support, and immigration assistance.

The immigration program of our organization focuses on family petitions being family based. We do a lot of consular processes, adjustment of statuses – anything to do with a family based processes, but also we do a lot of deferred actions for childhood referrals, the DACA. Each month we have about 60-80 cases that we process.

We bought the product in 2013, and I think it has been an excellent product. We have to report on how many clients we have served, type of process, and if the process was granted or not. I needed to learn how to pool reports, and that has been a great tool, not only for me reporting to the donors, but also for the fact that the DOJ’s can see the report, and how many of their clients are in process and can grant the case – it’s wonderful.

We are so far apart – the 8 offices that we have are within a distance of 2-3 hours from their headquarters. By using LawLogix you can be anywhere in the area and you can have access, not only to the reports but to the clients, and that is a very important tool – that anybody in our region can access any client regardless of which office they are in. That is very important.

Well I think with so many changes that we have in policies, and you know, I think the issue of being up to date. And I know that [Edge] is very good at being up to date, not only with forms, but with announcements, etc. That is great for us. The challenge is to be up to date with all that, you know. All the information that we receive, I think [LawLogix is] doing the best of tailoring the program, and the electronic system to the immigration program. 

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