Case Study: AB Staffing

Evan Schlack, Associate General Counsel for AB Staffing, provides insight into the organization’s efficient I-9 completion process for the ever increasing pace of hiring with the use of LawLogix Guardian.

Video Transcription

AB Staffing Solutions is a healthcare staffing company – we staff nurses, allied healthcare, and physicians, locum tenens, professionals all across the United States. 

My name is Evan Shlack, I’m associate general counselor with AB Staffing Solutions, providing legal advice, internal within our organization to ensure we are making educated decisions. At AB Staffing Solutions it’s difficult to quantify how many new hires we have on an annual basis, because of the nature of the staffing industry. A lot of our employees are staffed for only 13 week terms. So we can have anywhere from 200 – 1,000 new hires in one year. So prior to using Guardian, we were using paper I-9 forms, and many of our employees are remote, so it was very cumbersome. The entire process was slow; complying with the deadlines that you have to meet to have compliant I-9’s, it was very difficult for us to satisfy those deadlines in a timely manner and just find agents, and things like that nature it was a less than ideal process. 

I think we wanted something that was more manageable. When we decided that we wanted to sign up and become a client of Guardian, we wanted software that was manageable, that was efficient, that anybody could use, so we wanted something that was user friendly but that would also satisfy all of the regulations that we had to keep in compliance with. 

I think there’s a lot that sets Guardian apart, the software is very easy to use, it’s compliant with the regulations, which is a big deal coming from the legal side of things. We wanted to ensure that we had audit trails and everything that ICE [US Immigration & Customs Enforcement] would potentially look at if we are audited, and the software just takes care of everything for us. It gives us alerts if we’re getting close to deadlines, if we’re beyond deadlines, and there’s really no complaints from our end. 

So in terms of measuring how successful Guardian is for us, at AB Staffing Solutions, We’ll look at the timeline that it usually took us with paper I-9’s to complete that form, and to complete that process, and it was usually a few days. We were running right up against the limits, but now with Guardian we can be comfortably within the deadlines within a day or two, just because of the way the software works. It sends out the emails, there’s really not much guess work from our side of things. 

Some of the biggest challenges that we face at AB Staffing Solutions are just the ever increasing pace of hiring; we are constantly growing and expanding as a company, and as I mentioned before a lot of our workforce are remote employees. So Guardian is able to help us, as we continue to grow by just managing that process, making it very efficient and user friendly. I think the long term impacts of using Guardian are just some comfort and stability, and knowing that we are using a product that is compliant. It’s really taking a lot of the guesswork out of it and a lot of apprehension and fear that I have as a legal counsel for an organization. It makes the process much safer and overall I’m very happy with it.

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