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CIR Immigration Reform – Webinars to Keep You Updated

Since the introduction of the Senate’s S.744 immigration reform bill, there’s been much debate by the public and politicians.  What’s fact and what’s fiction?  What does the bill actually require?  Which amendments matter? We’ve been steadily tracking the bill’s progress and have invited expert immigration attorneys to comment in our multi-part webinar series on S.744.  You can now read the revised, amended version here. Here are the webinars topics we’ve covered so far in May.  If you missed the live webinar, you can still view the recording by clicking on the links.

Part 1: Employment Visas.

We discussed how the new merit-based visas system works.  How many new visas are allotted and which other visas were sacrificed and abolished?  We covered the merit-based immigrant visa system, reforms to the H-1B and L visas.  We also discussed the expansion of the treaty visas.  Watch the recording here with speakers Eric Bord and Romy Kapoor.

Part 2: RPI and Blue Card Status.

What are the eligibility requirements for Registered Provisional Immigrants?  How are DREAMers incorporated into S.744?  How is a Blue Card different from a Green Card?  How will agricultural workers be allowed to work temporarily?  We covered all these topics in our Part 2 webinar.  You can watch the recording here with speakers Gerry Chapman and David Wilson.

Part 3: Criminal and Removal Issues.

We analyzed how the criminal provisions of the bill affect your future clients.  What sections of INA § 212(a) have been carved out for exceptions?  What waivers are available?  Can individuals who were ordered removed still qualify for benefits?  When can a removal order be stayed?  Find out the answers in our webinar here with Carlina Tapia-Ruano and Cheryl R. David.

Tune in to our webinars in June as we’ll bring you the following webinars on these topics:

Part 4: E-Verify Provisions.

We’ll discuss how the proposed, mandated E-Verify provisions will affect employers nationwide.  This will include a detailed discussion of the new civil penalties and the timeline for employers to register for E-Verify.  Registration for the live webinar coming very soon….  Our speakers will be Bernard Wolfsdorf and John Fay.  Register for the webinar here.

Part 5: Investment/Start-Up Visas.

We’ll discuss how the new provisions in S.744 will affect foreign investors, both big and small.  What milestones must each company reach in order to qualify for a visa?  What additional market factors affect how those qualifications would be met?  Registration for the live webinar will be coming soon….  Our speakers will be Lincoln Stone, Vivek Wadhwa and Dan Siciliano.  Register for the webinar here.


Have questions or comments about our past or future webinars?  Have suggestions on what topics we should cover in the future?  Please feel free to send us your comments or suggestions.