Choosing Immigration Case Management Software – A Summer Law Clerk’s Path to LawLogix

[Editor’s note: today’s blog is courtesy of Greg Irby of Bennett Boehning & Clary LLP] As a second year law student in Indiana, I’ll be the first person to tell you that when it came to immigration case management software, I was clueless. So when asked by one of the partners at the firm I had worked at the last couple of summers to find the best immigration software available at an affordable price, I did the only thing law students know how to do: research. After hours and hours of research on every product on the market, I confidently came to the conclusion that LawLogix is the best immigration program out there. Though I had no idea where to start, I was fortunate enough to receive a list of items that the partner considered important. This list included things such as Ease of Use, Method and Frequency of Form Updates, Security, Client Access and Communication, Support, and Price just to name a few. In typical Type-A, law student fashion, I soon made an elaborate spreadsheet with multiple categories, along with the names of every company that has ever had anything to do with immigration case management software. That’s when the real work began. I immediately began to see two tiers of programs. There were four programs that, initially, seemed similar. After those four programs I ran into what I liked to call, for lack of a better phrase, the “low-tech” programs. Most of the top tier programs had the same basic functions: client access portals, form generation for individual foreign nationals, e-filing, etc. The low-tech programs, on the other hand, inevitably were all missing a basic feature here or there. Whether that feature was inadequate data security, poor customer service, or a lack of training, I soon came to the conclusion that these low-tech programs had a lower price tag for a reason. At this point I thought it best to present the partner with my top three and in order to do that I had to really break down the top-tier programs. Though I envisioned this task to be rather daunting, to my surprise it was made rather easy thanks to LawLogix. Basic functions aside, as I mentioned all four programs pretty much had them, my inquiry now was focused on price and those coveted extra features, or as I like to call them, the bells and whistles. To this day, though something may be out there, I have yet to find a feature that another company offers that LawLogix doesn’t have. Furthermore, the pricing method that LawLogix has put together seems like it was tailored specifically for our firm. Whereas some companies charge lofty flat-fees per user subscribed to the system, LawLogix only charges you for what you use. This pricing method was much more enticing to us. This method also allows us to easily pass the costs onto the clients. At this point it was clear that LawLogix was the best immigration case management software on the market. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one final thing that helped solidify our choice in LawLogix. Call me old fashioned, but I’m a sucker for customer service. I try to make a concerted effort to deliver great service, and have done so ever since my ice cream selling days in high school. Because of this I have also come to expect great customer service. That is exactly what I received with LawLogix from day one: great customer service. This great service culminated with a presentation, prepared by LawLogix staff, which I could present to the Partners when discussing my findings. Needless to say, the Partners unanimously approved to implement LawLogix as the firm’s new immigration case management software. My search for the best immigration software on the market ended with LawLogix.

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