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Barcode Scanning for Your Immigration Practice

[Editor’s Introduction:  For today’s immigration practitioners, leveraging technology is a great way to improve office efficiency and stay one step ahead of the competition.  Founder and Managing Attorney, Gus Shihab, of The Law Firm of Shihab & Associates, Co., LPA in Columbus, Ohio, shares with us his expert tips on the use of barcode scanning technology.]

Process your receipt notices more efficiently with a barcode scanner.  Any law firm that practices even some amount of immigration law will spend a significant amount of time dealing with receipt notices and approval notices issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Every immigration lawyer will be all too familiar with the stack of Forms I-797 that accumulate on every practitioner’s desk each day. Someone in your office has to catalog and file these important government documents immediately.  Whether it’s you or someone on your staff, this task will take a significant chunk of time each day. Although this task is very tedious, the process of recording the relevant data is also vital and must be inputted correctly.  One small human error can result in dire consequences. A minor typo, a missing digit or transposed numbers can wreak havoc on your ability to accurately follow up on a case, or worse, your clients’ abilities to follow up on their own cases. Clients may unwittingly input incorrect receipt numbers only to be misinformed about the true status of their cases.

What will happen is that your client will get a “your case cannot be found at this time” error message. Your unhappy client may become panicked at first, but maybe angry later on when they learn of the error.  One of the easiest ways to cure this data processing is by utilizing a barcode scanner.  Since all the Forms I-797s contain barcodes on them, the data can be easily and quickly read digitally.  When used in conjunction with a robust case management solution, processing Forms I-797 at the office will be easy! Conduct a search on Google, Yahoo or Bing to find a barcode scanner that suits your needs.  The price ranges anywhere from $100 and above. Simply point the scanner at the barcode on the receipt notice and the number appears on your computer screen where your mouse is pointed. No more typos.

About the Author

Mr. Gus Shihab’s immigration practice encompasses all aspects of U.S. immigration and citizenship law.  You can read Mr. Shihab’s immigration blog here.