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Another Washington County To Require E-Verify Participation

Lewis County officials have approved a resolution requiring local contractors in Washington State to use the E-Verify system as a condition of doing business with the government. Specifically,Resolution No. 10-161 will require companies with county contracts exceeding $100,000 in value to submit E-Verify queries for all new hires going forward. According to news reports, the commissioners passed the new rule on a 2-1 vote after hearing testimony from at least 10 people who strongly supported the measure. The lone dissent came from a Commissioner who felt that E-Verify merely adds to the contractors’ burdens while failing to address underlying immigration issues.

Lewis County now joins three other Washington state counties with similar E-Verify requirements. Here is a brief summary for each of these:

  • Clark County (September 2009): requires companies awarded public works or service contracts that are equal to or over $1,000,000 to use E-Verify.
  • Pierce County (October 2009): businesses must confirm they are enrolled in E-Verify if they are seeking county public works contracts worth more than $100,000 or any other County contract in excess of $25,000. The law also exempts contracts that involve work outside of the U.S; last less than 120 days; or relate to commercially available off-the-shelf items (COTS).
  • Whatcom County (May 2010): County is still working on the language to insert into E-Verify contracts. 
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