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An Enlightened Approach for Tracking Visa Priority Dates

In a few days, the Department of State (DOS) will release its October Visa Bulletin, which summarizes the availability of immigrant numbers during the first month of the fiscal year. For immigration practitioners, this is a familiar drill – the visa bulletin must be scoured every month and compared with your foreign national’s priority dates to determine if any of them are “current.” Once that determination has been made, the case will need to be pulled (perhaps from a dusty shelf) and brought back to life for a hopefully speedy approval. While such an exercise is simple enough, the stakes are high. As we all know, cutoff dates are subject to rapid fluctuations in demand, so a priority date which is current today may not remain so for very long -making it even more important to stay on top of these lists.

The problem is that many of us continue to use this “manual method,” which is not only tedius and time consuming, but also carries the real risk of making an error or missing a priority date. Now, let’s turn to Case Management Guru, Joshua Cisneroz, to learn what some firms are doing to modernize this practice… Automated Visa Priority Date Tracking Managing visa priority dates doesn’t have to mean continually monitoring the DOS web site and keeping your own spreadsheets. Case management systems excel in this arena, because it’s simply a matter of storing those dates in our system and automatically comparing them with your foreign national’s priority date and preference category. When the visa bulletin is updated, you can either run a report or view a particular foreign national’s record to quickly see if there has been a change and if they are now eligible. In addition, case management systems also allow you to further refine your tracking by adding useful notes (e.g., FN has no H-1B time left) or by using cross chargeability information of a qualifying spouse. Instead of spending your time scrambling over the details of a spreadsheet, ever fearful that a priority date may be missed, you can now know with confidence the availability of visa numbers for clients with the click of a button.

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