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Achieving a Paperless Immigration Law Office

“We want to go paperless or at least paper less – please help!”

We are hearing this more and more from our clients. Most law firms and organizations are feeling the weight, logistical difficulties and cost of mountains of paper files.

Here is the challenge: many active cases never seem to close and most state rules of professional conduct require an attorney to maintain a copy of a closed file for at least five years after the date it is
closed. Law firms are left with few options but to store files on-site or use costly managed off-site locations.

Many firms are finding that paper file storage takes up at least 15% of their pricey rentable square footage. This may be on top of offsite storage costs for closed files in order to fulfill State rules. A fair average estimate for the offsite storage cost per paper file may be between $4-$6 per year (not including extra delivery and moving fees). Outsourcing file scanning and destruction does not come cheap. Most Document Management Services charge in the neighborhood of $150/legal box for a service to pick up, scan, store, and shred files for law firms.

Many LawLogix clients have found a better way. Read what one EDGE user, Paul Zulkie, had to say:

My firm uses LawLogix for case management and after comparing all of the options I found that their system offers the most cost effective and efficient option for going paperless. The data is already organized by each process, like H-1B, PERM, etc. so there is no reason to copy and move data or documents to my file server and organize it all over again. Client supplied documents are uploaded by the foreign national to their online folder and my paralegals upload scans of the petition packages as filed, approval notices, correspondence, etc. When the file is closed we are done.

Using LawLogix EDGE, I pay a nominal annual fee for each client file over a designated file size limit. So for any case that I cannot delete because of my state’s file retention rule, I am prepared to pay a small annual fee. Since LawLogix bills their new process fees when a new matter is opened, we simply pass that cost onto clients with no mark up as a “Case Administration Fee” with full disclosure and transparency of what they are paying for: online access to their case data plus all of the other bells and whistles built into the LawLogix EDGE system which is set up so it looks like it is my firm’s own platform.

By making the transition to paperless in this manner I can plan for less storage space at my new office than would otherwise have been the case with paper files and my offsite storage costs will be declining
every year as the old paper files are destroyed.

I have considered, but rejected, a “do-it-myself” approach of scanning and saving on my file server. That requires too much paralegal time to scan and organize the documents. Time is money and that is
especially true with flat fee cases. Any law firm that selects this approach must, in my opinion, have a nightly offsite backup of their file server. If you don’t have the offsite backup and disaster hits, like a fire,
you are out of business.

If your firm or organization prefers not to pay the annual storage fee, LawLogix provides alternative pricing plans that include the storage fee at a reduced rate if a firm chooses electronic document
storage. Click here to contact customer service to learn more about our alternative pricing plans. In addition, if you are considering going paperless in your office, contact LawLogix for information on
system tools and strategies for your consideration.

Want to learn more about how EDGE can help your office go paperless? Current EDGE clients can contact Customer Support here or by calling us at 602-357-4240 ext. 2 for complete details. New
clients interested in learning more about the LawLogix EDGE system can contact us or call 602-357-4240 ext. 1. Also, please visit our website at www.lawlogix.com for general information.