A Glimpse Into Form I-9 Preboarding

As a Human Resources leader, you understand how important it is to continuously drive change and seek out new HR processes, tools and technology to positively impact and drive optimal performance within your organization.
Consider the Form I-9. A simple yet perplexing U.S. employment form, with an intricate array of rules, competing objectives and unforgiving timelines. In a typical onboarding scenario, a new hire completes section 1, on or before the start date, and you the employer, complete section 2 within three days of the start date. After all, this is how it has to be done — right? Wrong.

Watch this 60 minute thought-provoking webinar, you will be introduced to the concept of preboarding, as it relates to the Form I-9 process. Unlike onboarding, preboarding is defined as the time period of when an offer has been accepted by the new hire and lasts until the first day of employment.  It can include activities such as: sending employee handbook, scheduling an office tour, and…completing the entire Form I-9 – all prior to an employee’s start date.

Detailed topics for this webinar session include:

  • Typical I-9 Onboarding Challenges
  • Using an authorized agent for completing Section 2
  • Defining your I-9 preboarding process
  • E-Verify considerations with preboarding
  • Using an electronic Form I-9 and E-Verify compliance solution to manage Form I-9 preboarding

Watch now to learn more about how employers today are spearheading the concept of Form I-9 preboarding to drive positive change, alleviate common onboarding pressures and create efficiencies across their HR organization.

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