6 Reasons to Break-up With Your Immigration Case Management Software

Why it May Be Time to Call it Quits.

Truth be told, you’re tired of leveraging an immigration case management system that doesn’t work like it should. Sure, you may be saving a buck or two in license fees, but you’re actually spending more in lost time and inefficiency with your less-than-ideal immigration software. Here are six telltale signs that it’s time to find a new case management provider:

1. Questionnaires are clunky and unusable.

You’ve resorted to using your own Word, PDF or other work-around questionnaires to get the data you need, and in turn, your efficiency and client experience is steadily plummeting.

2. There is a noticeable lag in the system.

When you navigate throughout the solution, it’s so painfully slow and glitchy that you have time to refill your coffee and come back.

3. The reporting capabilities are limited.

You can pull reports, but never on the data that you actually care about or in a timely manner.

4. The reminders are faulty.

You often rely on spreadsheets or other calendars outside of the tool because you can’t quite trust the reminders within the case management software

5. Support Services rarely fix the issue.

After spending hours on the phone with support about an issue you’re having, you hang up feeling like the issue was your fault (spoiler alert: It wasn’t).

6. You’ve outgrown each other.

You can pull reports, but never on the data that you actually care about or in a timely manner.

Move on to a Better Immigration Case Management System.

Opt for a robust, easy-to-use immigration case management solution that excels in reporting, efficiency and truly propels your business.

LawLogix Immigration Case Management

Forms & Questionnaires

Create efficiencies and optimize processes with the most up-to-date forms and questionnaires available anywhere.

Visa Tracking

Quickly see which clients are eligible to file based on the most recent bulletin and drive revenue through the creation of new AOS processes.

Reporting Tools

Identify new revenue opportunities, instantly track employee performance, access real-time caseload metrics.

Outlook Integration

Cut your time in half with single click uploads from Outlook directly into a Foreign National's file in the Edge system.

Client Web Portal

Maximize productivity while improving client satisfaction with top web lead capture features including client login.

Document Storage

No more filing cabinets, no more searching around in multiple systems. Securely store and manage all client documents, all in one place.

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