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5 Smart Marketing Techniques for the Immigration Practitioner

In the legal world, it’s sometimes difficult for directors of non-profit organizations or law partners to be comfortably acquainted with the notion of marketing.  Marketing can certainly help to increase revenue, but many attorneys actually market for other reasons.  It is an important way to build your organization’s brand, reputation and communicate the value of those services to the public through the means of active promotion. You won’t get CLE credit for reading this article, but we hope you’ll still be able to take some our tips today to help your practice.  It’s never too late to implement smart marketing techniques for your organization.  Here are our top 5 tips:

1. Identify Your Target Client

Identifying your ideal client is an important first step in understanding how, when and in what ways to promote your legal services.  For example, let’s say you’ve got a knack for preparing P petitions and you’ve developed an affinity for preparing those types of petitions for a certain industry.  Crafting marketing strategies geared for those types of clients allows you to stay focused and attract the cases you do enjoy working.

2. Moderate Your Strategies

Like many of our readers, you may be juggling multiple projects at once but marketing strategies shouldn’t be managed this same way.  For example, revamping your website and promoting an upcoming webinar may prove all too much for any one organization.  Rather, focus on one project at a time in order to accurately measure its success and challenges.

3. Have An Objective

Before you embark on any project, first have an objective to ensure the plan for execution will meet the objective.  For example, if your objective is to branch into a completely new market, then your strategy should be planned accordingly.

4. Meet New People

Your inbox if probably full of invitations to conferences, meetings, seminars, mixers, fundraisers and other industry related events.  Why not take advantage of them to expand your network of contacts?

5. Expand Your Online Presence

The challenge with diving into social media is that you may be unprepared to devote the time and energy it requires.  One approach is to slowly tread water on the shallow end.  Social media is a great tool to learn about the events that affect your practice areas much more efficiently than traditional means.  For example, when the Supreme Court ruled on SB1070 this past summer, Twitter followers were able to get a play-by-play account of the developments direct from theSCOTUS Blog @SCOTUSblog, ahead of all the news outlets!  Once you’ve familiarized yourself with how others are dispensing their expertise effectively, you can mimic that tactic for yourself. While the tips today aren’t new, they still stand the test of time.

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