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5 Reasons to Optimize Technology at Your Immigration Practice

In the world of marketing, experts say the internet has equalized the playing field for attorneys and legal service organizations. As an extension to that theory, immigration case management technology has outfitted legal organizations a cutting-edge tool to operate efficiently and successfully, regardless of size. The recurring issue has not been how to optimize case management technology, since obtaining necessary training can always be achieved. Rather, most organizations are still unsure as to why they should care how often or how well their members are using case management technology?  Today’s article highlights five reasons why optimizing your case management technology matters:


Wouldn’t you like to know how well your organization is functioning? Who the top performers are? Whether they have the capacity to help train other staff members? How responsive your foreign national clients are? How many cases you’ve processed at given time so that you could forecast your budget? Forms-only immigration software won’t be able to provide you the level of data you need. Time tracking software won’t be able to drill into details about your caseload. The best way to obtain accurate and real-time visibility is the efficient use of a complete case-management system. The latest Wall Street Journal blog highlights this precise point very well.


How many times does John Doe call or email you regarding his case? How many times has somebody in your office sent an “all-office” email seeking John Doe’s physical file? How many times was an I-797 Notice accidentally inserted into another client’s physical file? If you’re laughing, you probably know this is the way of life for many law organizations- but it doesn’t have to be! If you optimize the case management software you are already using (or will be using soon), the time you will save will be devoted to other urgent matters instead.


The smart use of technology can (and most likely) will reduce your need to print documents (or photocopy documents). The ability to allow clients to upload documents will ultimately mean fewer documents in a physical file, which means more office space. A greater ability to track and trend emails will save you from having to print each document and save it into the physical file. For organizations that are located in a high-rent area, physical space is a premium. The savings in having more office space, a reduction in paper and postage fees will ultimately make a dent on annual budgets.


Technology alone won’t put you ahead of the curve. It’s how well the technology is being usedand for what purpose that will give you the edge. It’s like recycling at the office. If only a few people are diligently recycling, the results will be paltry. However, over time, as more staff members join in, until the entire office is diligently recycling, the yield will be much higher and noticeable. This same theory applies to how case management technology is currently utilized in our organization. Once all staff members are diligent about using the technology, your reports will not only be robust, but contain data that will help determine your organization’s long-term viability. This includes providing the right type of data to individual clients, corporate clients and to grantors.


During lean economic times, no matter if you are a non-profit immigration service organization, a faith-based charity, a solo practitioner or a larger law firm, creating value for your clients will ultimately make you (and your organization) highly relevant to your client’s needs. If you’ve achieved the goals identified in Reasons 2 – 5, then it means you’re already making a difference. Knowing why, how and when to optimize technology allows you to provide quality service to clients. The better served they are, the more often you’ll be asked (or hired) to assist.


Now that you know why it’s so important to optimize case management technology at your organization, attend our CLE Webinar this Thursday, May 17th at 2pm Eastern to learn how our University and Non-Profit Speakers were successful in leveraging their case management software.Register here. If you have questions or comments that you want our speakers to answer, send them to me in advance via the comment section below so they can be addressed during the Webinar.