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10 Effective Ways to Show Client Appreciation

Every year, when the holidays roll around, the ritual of sending holiday cards and care packages commence. Will it be Harry & David’s or See’s Candies this year? Or maybe you’ll be sending clients more robust gifts for the holidays as a way to show appreciation.

Yet, why stop there? Holiday greetings are quite predictable. Rather, surprise your clients by going the extra mile in your practice the rest of the year. It’s never too late to start. Here are 10 tips on ways to distinguish your practice through appreciation.

1. Send a Survey! By seeking feedback from your clients after a large and/or important project, you’ll show them that you value their feedback. A good opportunity may be after H-1B cap season has ended. How did you manage the processing of the cases? Was your office organized and prepared? Did your office have capacity to take on “last-minute” cases?

2. Offer a free meal! Reserving time to visit a client and taking them out to lunch or dinner can help iron out prior wrinkles in any relationship and ensure a smooth road ahead.

3. Extend an Invitation! Are you attending a conference that is relevant to their industry? Or perhaps you recently landed tickets to a sporting event? Inviting clients who will truly appreciate and benefit from those events are a great way to develop a strong business relationship.

4. Share Your Knowledge. Sometimes, inviting clients to certain events may be cost-prohibitive. In those cases, take the knowledge you’ve gained from those events and provide your client with a well-articulated summary of the event. (Sporting events excepted of course.)

5. Send Milestone Gifts. This lets clients know you are aware of their life and career developments. These can include anniversaries, promotions, birthdays or other life events (marriages, births). In the event of a death, it’s always appropriate to express sympathy. Or, in the event of an expansion, a congratulations would be appreciated.

6. Call Them. When was the last time you called your client to relay something important, positive, or to relay bad news? Certain discussions should be made via phone first, rather than correspondence. They’ll appreciate that you took the time to call.

7. Send Them Reports! What information does your client need to know about their immigration management that will truly impact them? If you can provide it in a robust report that is easy to read and regularly available, why not? If the report will make them look good in their roles, all the better.

8. Utilize Their Service or Product, or Refer Others. Would your organization be in need of your client’s services, products or other expertise? This may not necessarily apply for individual foreign national clients. By returning the favor, or referring others to your clients’ services or products, you further the partnership you’re your client

9. Discounts. Would a loyalty discount make sense for their many years as a client? Or, were they referred by another valued client? Let them know you care through a discount.

10. Send a Handwritten Card. Handwritten note cards are always a nice way to personalize a thought (even if your penmanship mimics chicken scratches).

How does your organization show gratitude outside of the holiday season? What worked and what didn’t? We would love to hear from our readers.

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