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Don’t let the past haunt you

Those Historical I-9s Stored Away in Your File Cabinets Are a Huge Compliance Risk
LawLogix Remedy Can Help.
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Meet LawLogix Remedy

LawLogix Remedy is a full-service solution that eliminates worksite compliance risk from error-prone historical I-9s stored electronically and on paper. Achieving complete worksite compliance requires remediation of each error on every historical I-9. Your organization can manually review and correct each I-9, or we can work with your team to complete the remediation of errors on your behalf.

Historical I-9 Risks

How Remedy Works

How many I-9s are stored within your organization? With an estimated 76% of all I-9s containing at least one error, chances are your stored I-9s are a compliance risk for your organization. We know how daunting the task of remediation can be for any organization, and have developed LawLogix Remedy for organizations like yours. From scanning and data entry to error checking and purging, LawLogix Remedy eliminates compliance risk.

Why LawLogix Remedy

The LawLogix Remedy staff is the country’s leading organization on I-9 remediation. Having corrected historical I-9s at Fortune 500 companies throughout the U.S., there is no other team more knowledgeable on I-9s and worksite compliance. Our experience translates into lower costs and less time for remediation, not to mention increased accuracy.

Use LawLogix Remedy For Historical I-9s

With more than 76% of all paper I-9s having at least one error, your historical I-9s are a huge potential liability. Guardian can help you convert and correct historical I-9s through a data migration process. We’ve migrated over 10 million I-9s to the Guardian platform, and can help you too.

Included in this service:
  • Secure and Convenient Transfer of Your Electronic Historical I-9 Data
  • Data Transcription Ensures I-9 Accuracy and Integrity
  • Error Checking Identifies Potential I-9 and E-Verify Issues
  • Correction of Paper and Electronic I-9s

Self Remediation in Numbers

Your organization can manually review and correct each I-9, or LawLogix can work with your team to remediate errors on your behalf.

Historical I-9 Risks
*Estimated Cost is based on industry averages and is not an exact representation of your cost.
*Time to Complete is an estimate based on industry averages.