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A better way to manage your caseload

Edge, cloud-based software: an efficient and accurate way to manage your caseload
and provide online access to your clients

Edge Immigration Case Management Software

In Edge, you can create and submit cases, communicate with clients and even bill for services. Best of all, it’s all online, in the cloud, secure and accessible from anywhere.

How LawLogix Edge Works
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Feature-Rich to Help You Manage Cases

From billing to reporting to preconfigured questionnaires and hundreds of forms, LawLogix Edge has all of the features you need to manage your caseload and serve clients efficiently. LawLogix Edge enables you to access forms, store documents and invoice clients, all in one place. Key features include:

Why Choose Edge

Edge for Non Profit

Non-profit organizations rely on LawLogix Edge to manage their practices and serve clients efficiently. In fact, NPOs that use LawLogix Edge serve more clients in less time, and with fewer errors. Is your organization a non profit? Talk to our NPO specialists to see how LawLogix Edge can help.

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