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Top 5 Best Practices for Remote I-9 Compliance

Let’s begin with a simple question: if you had to identify the one most vexing and troublesome aspect of completing I-9s, what would you choose? There are so many choices out there, it might be hard to pick just one. For many employers,...

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Fifth Circuit Throws Out $226,000 I-9 Penalty Assessed Against Staffing Company

Last week, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit released its highly anticipated decision concerning whether an employer can complete I-9 forms with “corporate” rather...

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I-9 Discrimination and Employer Audits: Lessons learned from the FBA I-9 Worksite Enforcement Conference

In our first article on the Chicago FBA Worksite Enforcement Conference in Chicago, we covered ICE Worksite Enforcement’s priorities, fines, criminal prosecutions, Electronic I-9’s, OCAHO discussions, honesty policies, and independent contractors....

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The Increasing Cost of Form I-9 Non-Compliance

Imagine it’s your first day of work in the HR department, and you’ve been given the dubious honor of “cleaning up” your employer’s Form I-9 files. Initially, visions of scattered file boxes and forms dance in your head, filled with dusty...

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Highlights from the FBA I-9 Worksite Enforcement Conference in Chicago

In April, the Chicago Chapter of the Federal Bar Association held its 10th Annual Workplace Enforcement and Immigration Conference, an all-day deep dive into the latest I-9, E-Verify, and corporate compliance issues facing employers today. With speakers ranging from top government officials to...

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Three Must-Haves for I-9 Change Management

As organizations and HR departments continue to centralize and digitize the recruitment, retention and management of employees, many use these initiatives to conduct ground-up process improvements. This is particularly true when it comes to the transformation of the I-9 process. Many HR professionals would agree...

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Colorado Repeals Duplicative Employment Verification Requirement

It’s not often that HR and hiring managers receive good news when it comes to changes in I-9 and E-Verify practice. As most employers are painfully aware, federal and state requirements relating to I-9 and immigration rules are generally becoming more complex every year...

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What happened in 2015 in OCAHO Decisions involving I-9 Penalties?

[Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is courtesy of Bruce E. Buchanan, an attorney at the Nashville and Atlanta offices of Sebelist Buchanan Law PLLC. As he has done in years past, Bruce discusses some important I-9 penalty decisions published during the past year and...

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Latest Developments in I-9 Worksite Enforcement

Once upon a time, I-9 compliance was a relatively benign matter. Employers had a one-page form, a pamphlet-sized handbook, and a very slim chance of ever getting into trouble with the government. But that was a very different time (and place). That was before the...

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